Greetings! My name is Christine Tardif, and I am Bellaviso Salon and Spa’s newest Massage Therapist!

I graduated from SpaTech Institute in Westbrook, Maine in March of 2014 and am now a Licensed Massage Therapist for the State of New Hampshire.

My first concentration was on Holistic Massage, using Polarity Therapy to heal the body physically and energetically.  Polarity Therapy is a type of Massage that incorporates the energetic pathways of the body to achieve Balance, relieve stress, and achieve profound relaxation. Light Massage techniques are used. Crystals are used to clarify and amplify the body’s energy, as well as to uphold and strengthen the chakras and auras.

My next focus was learning Deep Tissue techniques of Massage. Learning Deep Tissue is about more than just deep pressure. I learned about proper body mechanics, how to best incorporate several modalities to truly customize a massage to a client’s needs, and how to truly focus on small areas of the body to achieve successful results!

SpaTech also provided courses that touched upon many various and wonderful Massage types. Areas of focus included Myofascial release, Sports Massage, Chair Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Swedish Massage, Neuromuscular Release, Positional Release, Postural Analysis, CRAC, Hot and Cold therapies, as well as stretches and Polarity Yoga.

Should you ever have any interest in receiving a Massage, please feel free to contact Bellaviso Salon and Spa and schedule a session with me! I look forward to meeting you and assisting you with achieving your highest potential of health and healing.

~Christine Tardif