There are many reasons to treat yourself to a massage. First of all, it feels sublime! Take that out of the equation, and you still have many wonderful benefits to enjoy.

Massage Therapy stimulates new bloodflow. The most obvious sign of this is hyperemia of the skin, or the pink flush that arrives after contact. New bloodflow of a tense or knotty area feeds the muscles and allows the knots and tension to release easier.

Massage Therapy can help with Posture! We’ve all done it, slouching at our desks. Over time; however, poor posture can cause chronic pain and back issues. Massage can lower the shoulders, increase oxygen levels by assisting with the muscles for inspiration to assist with deeper breaths, and improve range of motion for joints and limbs.

Massage Therapy places the body directly into the parasympathetic nervous system, removing the “flight or fight” response. Once the body is in this deep form or relaxation, the body can easier achieve homeostasis to remove stress, improve sleep, and heal itself naturally.

Massage Therapy stimulates the lymphatic system through contact of the skin and soft touch. This allows the body to heal faster by introducing new cells from the immune system.

Massage Therapy comes in many various practices! For acute and sports injuries deep tissue and chair massage is indicated. For relaxation Swedish massage can be enjoyed. For issues where contact is contraindicated energy work can be done, such as Reiki or Polarity Therapy. For quick pampering a scalp or foot massage never fails!

So stop by today and start improving your lifestyle with a Massage!