Massage is indicated in most situations. However, for the safety of the client as well as of the practitioner, a massage is contraindicated under certain circumstances.

It is always very important to advise your Massage Therapist of any changes to your medical history. An open and honest communication is key to your health, and is always appreciated.

I’ve got a cold, can you still Massage me?

If you have a contagious acute disease, it is important to relay that to your practitioner. For the common cold, a massage is per your discretion. There are techniques that can help! Massage of the sinuses and percussive taps on the back can help move phlegm and provide some relief without the need for medication!  However, any flu symptoms or cold symptoms with a fever are contraindicated to prevent contagion.

I’ve got swelling, can you still Massage me?

Swelling is contraindicated. A massage can still be provided; however, the Practitioner will avoid the swollen area, and can massage the rest of the body safely.

I’ve got a headache, can you still Massage me?

You can receive a Massage while under the effects of a headache. In fact, the pampering and relaxation techniques used can go about to provide relief from the headache. Neck, shoulder, and scalp massage are especially recommended.

I take blood thinners, can you still Massage me?

Anyone with a history of blot clots should ere on the side of caution. Should a client have a blood clot that is massaged it could possibly cause thrombosis, which could lead to potential health issues. A client on blood thinners should attain a Doctor’s note before getting a massage, and only light relaxing strokes should be used, deep tissue should be avoided.

I have Diabetes, can you still Massage me?

A diabetic can receive a Massage. The client should be very open with his/her Practitioner regarding any nerve pain, tingling, or numbness; especially on the feet. Those areas are contraindicated, and should a Therapist use too much pressure, they could cause the area injury.

I have low/high Blood Pressure, can you still Massage me?

Massage is indicated for those who suffer from low/high Blood Pressure. In fact, those who have High Blood Pressure can lower it from the relaxation of massage. Only light relaxing strokes should be used, and deep tissue should be avoided. The client also should be careful after the massage to take their time getting off the table to avoid light-headedness. Assistance is recommended.

I have a sunburn, can you still Massage me?

An acute sunburn should never be massaged. Any burns on the skin cause the body to dehydrate quicker, and massage also dehydrates the body. Burns are to be avoided during a massage to prevent superficial pain. The rest of the body can be safely massaged. May I recommend a facial/spa wrap instead?

I am pregnant, can you still Massage me?

Definitely! Certain pressure points on the body will be avoided to prevent early labor, and you will experience a side lying massage with several pillows around you for comfort. Congratulations!

I have whiplash, can you still Massage me?

A recent acute case of whiplash is contraindicated for the health of the client. After several days of healing and a doctor’s note, massage can be done on the affected area. Neck and shoulder massage is especially helpful.

I have warts/psoriasis/rash/contagious skin issue, can you still Massage me?

A massage can be done, the client needs to inform his/her practitioner of the area of the skin condition. Gloves can be used; however, the area should be avoided to prevent spreading and contagion. Warts on the feet are contraindicated for foot massage.

If there are any other chronic or acute issues I may have missed that you would like to ask about, please feel free! Again, open and honest communication of your health is key to a successful massage!